Old Fashioned Cars and Old Fashioned Service

KETTLEY Realtors and KETTLEY Insurance Agency

We've loved every minute of our journey


Ed Kettley began his love affairs with cars back when he was not much more than a boy.  His brothers were into hot rodding and making them go faster and handle better.  Ed liked the chrome, the paint, the smooth ride and the curvy elegant lines.

Our First Car

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35 Cars

Why Cars?

We love old cars!  But it's not just about old cars.  It's about romance and nostalgia.  Your first date, going to the drive-in theatre, getting ice cream cones on a hot summer night and cruising.  It's as much about the memories as it is about the cars themselves.  They don't even have to be that old.  Some of them are just beautiful and they are worth collecting if you have the room.